Top 30 Super Chick Journalists and News Contributors in 2024

Published on 2 April 2024 at 13:21

These successful and courageous women actually take the media out of the influence game by being Realists with common sense!  No more republican or democrat arguments, persuading the young and old if your this you must be that, just the realistic truth of our country's problems.

Adams Group and Associates Presents:

The Top 30 Super Chick List


Maria Bartiromo, Journalist / Author / TV Host


Wendy Bell, Journalist


Hilton Beckham, America First Policy Institute Communications Director


Lisa Boothe, Reporter


Tammy Bruce, Political Commentator / Author / Radio Host


Rachel Campos-Duffy, TV Host


Lydia Curanaji, Journalist


Katie Cherkasky, Attorney


Emily Compagno, Attorney/ TV Host


Kellyanne Conway, Former Counselor to President Trump / Political Consultant / Pollster


Bianca de la Garza, Journalist / TV Host


Harris Faulkner, TV Host / Journalist


Alina Habba, Attorney / Senior advisor for MAGA, Inc., Trump's Super PAC


Mollie Hemingway, Author / Columnist / Political Commentator


Judge Jeanine Pirro, Former Judge / Author / TV Host


Megyn Kelly, Journalist


Tomi Lahren, Commentator / Show Host


Karoline Leavitt, 2024 Trump Press Secretary


Martha MacCallum, Journalist / TV Host 


Kayleigh McEnany, TV Host / Former WH Press Secretary


Katie Pavlich, Author / Commentator


Wendy Patrick, Attorney / Author


Ainsley Earhardt, TV Host


Emma Rechenberg, TV Host / Journalist / 28 years old


Trish Regan, Journalist / Author


Mercedes Schlapp, Political Commentator for both English and Spanish / Former WH Communications Director


Sandra Smith, Business and News Reporter / TV Host


Kimberly Strassel, Columnist / Author / Wall Street Journal Editorial Board


Lara Trump, Republican National Committee Co-Chair / Former TV Producer 


Kerri Urbahn, Attorney / Journalist / Legal Editor


These professional women have changed the landscape of our society by using their successful careers in a once male dominated world.  They embody hard work, dedication, and honesty.  They play no games, just truth derived from common sense, as we all must do.  They are our American "Super Chicks,"

We honor them

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